• The Go Book: Foundations is one of the best discipleship tools for new and existing believers I have seen. It is comprehensive and sound biblically. I highly recommend The Go Book: Foundations for local churches or non-profit ministries who need a solid discipleship process.
    Os Hillman Author, TGIF Today God Is First and Change Agent
  • I have ten Curricula at home: yours is the best I've seen.
    Marlin Sharp Landstown Community Church, Virginia Beach, VA | Pastor
  • I’ve been looking for a Curriculum like this for over twenty years!
    Ruth Wickline Spirit Life Church & Spirit Life Ministries, Wichita, KS | Pastor
  • Joseph Perry has done the work of distilling the important concepts a new Christian needs to understand as they begin their new life in Christ. I highly recommend this work to pastors and ministry leaders who need a simple, straight-forward approach to entry- point discipleship.
    Rocky Russell Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge | Executive Director

Get the Tools

All jobs require the right tools. Get equipped.

Disciple the People

You have what it takes to become a Disciple-Maker.

Grow the Kingdom

Help your family, friends, and others learn how to follow Jesus.

The Go Book: Foundations is designed to be taught to a novice by a novice, jump-starting the disciple-making process, and taking discipleship outside the church.

The Go Book: Foundations is designed to work with the New Living Translation.

The Go Book: Foundations is a 12 week study in the foundations of Christianity. It is designed to be taught one on one or in a small group. The last week of the curriculum invites the learner to become a teacher and start the study over again with new disciples. This process both extends discipleship to another group, and solidifies the foundations in the heart of the new disciple-maker.

The 12 Weeks:

  • Becoming a Disciple
  • Prayer
  • The Bible
  • The Church
  • Baptisms: Water & Holy Spirit
  • Eternal Judgement & The Resurrection
  • Money, Tithing, & Giving
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Worship
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • Evangelism
  • The Great Commission

The Go Book: Foundations helps disciple-making go where church leaders can’t.

Where the average Curriculum is designed to make disciples, The Go Book is designed for creating Disciple-makers.

Targeting a third grade reading level, The Go Book can easily be used by anyone.

The Go Book is your tool for making disciples from the coffee shop to the trailer park.

Say goodbye to overwhelming Curriculum books, and get the tools you need for ministry: The Go Book: Foundations.

About the Author

Joseph Perry is the author of The Go Book: Foundations. He is the pastor of Remnant Ministries in Virginia Beach, VA, and the Founder The Reformation Institute, an organization that exists to develop tools for making disciples of nations.

Joseph Perry

Joseph Perry


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